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  • Official Feature Request Thread

    You've all seen this thread before, but I am going to beat a dead horse and ask you guys again, because we are seriously building this program for YOU guys, and we really want it to be as full featured as possible.

    What realistic features are you guys looking for in a new mobile media center? What type of integration and hardware compatibility are other programs missing? Is your main focus speed? Looks? Interface logistics? Customization? Do you want everything to be in one program or have addons/modules with the features you want?

    List them all here! We need your feedback to make this the ultimate CarPC application.
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    I'll chime in my biggest concerns and we can roll from there
    1) I've been waiting for a GOOD bluetooth support for phones, nothing so far has worked well for windows mobile phones especially on CDMA. - realistic, maybe not, but thats a huge want for me and others I'm sure.
    2) The ability to use iGuidance, map monkey, map point, etc, easily and well integrated. I know its available in some FE's already, but its a classic must have.
    3) Quick one-touch access to turning on and off night skin and/or the updating the skin automatically based on GPS time.
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      Hi Executor485,

      Req #1
      Will be a hard one to implement for me I think.
      We don't have CDMA here, but I might try to set up a plugin system.
      This way, another developer might be able to handle the communications
      with this device.

      Req #2
      Ofcourse! But I'll probably concentrate on Garmin Mobile first.
      But after that, a poll will decide which will be integrated next.

      Req #3
      Yeah, got some surprises here. Already implemented the gamma-adjustment
      code. The day/night switch will be, in the default skin, on the settings page.
      Auto-adjusting the gamma according to the GPS; yes, but probably in a +1.0 version. You can manually set the gamma-level in the configuration.


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        Looks great so far guys, keep it up.

        A few quick questions:

        Will the front end support keyboard shortcuts for controls so that people can still retain the use of steering controls?

        Also with the SatNav side will it be a case of leaving the front end on the SatNav screen and being able to control track changes and volume with the menu bar at the bottom?

        If you leave the SatNav screen to go to your media player would it be possible to have junction diagrams pop up in the corner for a couple of seconds, before vanishing, in a similar way to the hidden footer??

        Will the music volume be able to dim when a SatNav announcement is made then resume at normal volume once finished??

        Will this software support multiple displays so that if you had a second graphics card and an additional screen the SatNav info, or any other designated programs info that could be set in an options screen, could be permanently displayed on there while your primary touch screen would function as normal?? SOme people may want GPS on there or they could set it to output the video display so people with rear screens can watch the film while the driver still has full control of the front end from the primary screen without disturbing the secondary screens display?

        Again, really looking forward to seeing this.

        Cheers, Stu.


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          Yes, we will have most if not all of the sections bound to keystrokes, with a configuration utility to modify and change them to your liking.

          For navigation, controlling music on the nav page is ultimate goal and we have a method in place currently that works how your asking, we are just finding out now the best way to make it visually appealing without creating too much clutter on the screen.

          As for the volume changing automatically and the duel+ screens, JSN will need to answer those in a followup post to this one. I do however really like that idea of separate screens displaying different information.

          Thanks a ton for the feedback and suggestions Macflurry, we really appreciate it.
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            This 2nd-screen idea is a very good one!
            I might be able to let the application always start on the 2nd screen.

            About those other features, I really like them too, but it all depends on the
            API's of the navigation apps. One might support action notifications, while
            another totally doesn't. If it is available, I can probably implement it, but no
            garantees yet, this is still an area which needs some more investigation.

            Keystrokes are supported, the main-functions of CarMa can be mapped to keys.
            Keys can also be programmed to run scripts. Which, in fact, also control about
            all aspects of CarMa.

            Your other requests won't be such problem, but the volume-adjusting
            could be a problem if the navigation app can't notify external apps.


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              Excellent, cheers guys.


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                The only things that matter to me are:
                * play music, make it easy to select playlists. adding/removing songs from playlists is a secondary consideration, choosing individual songs is dead last.
                * support 3rd-party GPS - all I really ask is a 'back' button above the GPS app to return the front end
                * phone control - I want to choose a contact and then place a call with the front end, then talk over my headset or (maybe) use the CarPC for audio I/O.
                * support 3rd-party engine monitoring stuff - again, all I really want is a topmost 'back' button so it's easy to return to the FE.
                * uncluttered UI - not crowded with tons of UI elements on every screen


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                  I dont know that many people who actually bother with playlists unless it's used for stacking up albums they've selected back to back.

                  Most of the time I'd rather just choose my music by the album name or Artist.


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                    NSFW: Most of your concerns were the exact reasons why I, personally, wanted to build CarMa. I wanted a music / playlist player that just worked. Easy to edit as well.

                    External 3rd party applications, including GPS, ODBII, etc is already implemented. We are just working on integrating their functions better into the application itself now. But as for any application just sitting inside carma, that is already done.

                    Uncluttered UI we are working very hard on to try to make it the cleanest UI possible but still having all of the functions available for all the users- by utilizing flyout menus. We will have an advanced mode and a standard mode, which will change some of the pages functions by including more buttons if so desired, but that will not be until after the initial launch.

                    I will let JNL talk about any plans we have for bluetooth phone support, contact list importing and organizing.
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                      MacFlurry, personally I've never used a playlist in my life and only navigate music through ID3 tags, however I do know people who navigate strictly based on playlists- so it's definitely a call enough to implement both features. Also, the dynamic playlists we are introducing will help people like you and i listen to our music in a whole new way. Just hold tight!
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                        Just want to say that I have been following this project, it sounds like a great package! Thanks for the hard work, waiting patiently for a release.


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                          Sounds great, I'm looking forward to a release.


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                            Nice to hear guys!
                            We're working hard to make the best Front-End.

                            BT-Phone support will most probably be implemented, but I have yet to
                            research this part. I expect different phones, each with different protocols.
                            I'm not sure if it will be available with the first release of CarMa, but it's
                            definitely on the list!

                            CarMa is oriented to play complete albums or complete artists-lists,
                            Even better, filling playlists the single-track-method isn't even on the list!

                            I'm going to post a new project status update tonight,
                            keep tracking!


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                              First, let me say I am excited to see other Delphi programmers out there still writing worthwhile apps. Honestly, I too considered writing a replacement for RR using Delphi Rad Studio 2007. My current expertise is in Database ADO-SQL Server apps and communications from my old Shareware days. Look up Qmodem for DOS for a reference, I wrote way back when with Turbo Pascal... Man, that was a long time ago, but I think I've owned every single version of TP/Delphi ever.

                              And now my feature list:

                              1. Playing music. I am glad to hear that you support Winamp because I like the way their playlists work. I am old-school and prefer to have an entire album from an artist and do not cherry-pick singles from any online service. I use random and if I hit one of my favorite albums, I turn off random and finish the album. When it I feel like random again, I hit a button and off it goes. And with this I want to embed the WinAmp plug-in Milkdrop. Love the eye candy! Milkdrop needs to be able to put into a skin.

                              2. Support for embedded iGuidance. I want to be able to have skins that make it mostly full-screen when I really need to see detail, and in other skins where I can see more music info yet still know I am going somewhere. My current RR skin (Astro, by MGD) has these two features and I want this again.

                              3. Support for other third-party embedded apps. My car is only used occasionally on the street and is being converted for drag racing. The current engine management system is called BigStuff3 and has a USB interface for tuning on-the-fly. Being able to code a skin to send keystrokes to BigComm3 makes it so I don't have to have my laptop in the car.

                              4. Support for Sirius. I haven't listened to FM since I got my 07 Mustang with it.

                              #1 and #2 are my "must-have" items. #3 would be nice for drag racing and #4 would be nice for those occasional nights out cruising.

                              Looking forward to your progress and to testing and using this.


                              PS: Picts of car can be seen here:

                              Action figures sold separately