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Update 03`09

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  • Update 03`09

    We apologize for the lack of updates everyone. They are coming, scouts honor. As for right now, here's a little preview of the weatherpage we have mocked up for you guys

    The weather page will include multiple location saving / gps lookup / moon phases / 3 day forcast & if available a current weather radar to view

    Any other weather features anyone is interested in having added?
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    looking good as always! still can't wait


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      Thanks! This is one of our best looking features so far... it's just too bad a majority of people in the U.S. don't have an always on connection to keep it updated. We are also going to have these weather icons on the home page, inside the center orb - they look really cool!
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        Looks spectacular! Can't wait to have a go at this when you finish. Gonna try my hand at skinning this as well, I'll probably suck at it tho! HAHA


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          Originally posted by ws6vert View Post
          Looks spectacular! Can't wait to have a go at this when you finish. Gonna try my hand at skinning this as well, I'll probably suck at it tho! HAHA
          Thanks man! Hey, the more hands we have in this project after it is released the better. Jelte is doing an amazing job of making CarMa very easy to mod and skin with documentation and modules. That will all be detailed out way down the line though. As far as just reskinning though, that will obviously be available the first day of release.
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            will the weather data accept all around the world - heres a tester Wanganui, New Zealand

            Are you going to enable Garmin mobile pc (GMPC) into it for the gps side?

            Craig Lilford
            Wanganui, New Zealand Mitsubishi L400 4x4


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              Hey guys whats the status of this skin. really looking forward to trying this one.

              thx TJ


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                bump, how are things going lately?


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                  Hi guys!

                  I just wanted to give you guys an update on the project.

                  Unfortunately, I have to tell you that my regular job is invading my personal life for a quite a significant amount of time.
                  The workload has increased during the last weeks and is seriously limiting the amount of time I'm able to devote to this great project.

                  Also, some unfortunate events earlier slowed down development too.
                  I had a diskcrash (just the system-disk, so don't worry) and had to reinstall my system.
                  There were also some issues upgrading the compiler version, which also consumed some time to modify the existing sourcecode.
                  So, after a few tries, I decided to roll back due to bugs and weird behaviour of the new compiler, the end-user wouldn't notice the difference anyway.
                  The modifications needed for the sourcecode were also too 'dirty', IMO.
                  (for who wants to know, I did a roll back to Delphi 7, after upgrading to Delphi 2009)

                  I want you guys to know that development is still taking place,
                  slowly, but you can be assured that we will not cancel the project.
                  It's just not going at the pace we all would like to see.

                  I apologise for this, but I hope you can keep up the faith!


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                    Thanks for the update, we appreciate the time you are investing.


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                      Hey guys, any word on development? Still looking forward to trying this skin. Sure hope this skin isn't

                      thanks, TJ


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                        realy looking forward to this
                        keep up the good work


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                          Bump for any updates.


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                            I second the bump..........been awfully quiet.

                            hey vert you got any pic of your install...I have a 99 TA with a fried Monsoon system I wanna replace



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                              I'm sorry to say that my work still doesn't allow me to go mad on the project.
                              I really want to, but last weeks have been too stressful to pick it up again in
                              my personal time. During my daytime job, deadlines are being pushed forward and changing projects and requirements are almost a daily issue.

                              BUT.. I want to repeat my last message, which is very important for you all:
                              We're NOT going to cancel! It is going to be a great app, but development
                              on the core goes in and out of the fridge now and then.

                              During this month some changes are going to take place in my personal life,
                              which should improve the situation. I'll try to keep you guys informed!

                              And again,
                              I'm really sorry to tell you it has been delayed again!