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New year, new (downloadable) version

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  • New year, new (downloadable) version

    Hi there!

    Up until now, virtually nobody saw anything but concepts and screenshots..
    I've decided to go public with the new framework. This means I will update the
    download regulary (probably daily).

    It's far from finished (check state here), and here and there are some rough edges. But I will try to keep
    it usable while adding and testing new features. I do like to hear your opinions
    and suggestions.. Also critics.. but since it's quite early in development, I probably
    already know a lot of the issues.....on 2nd thought, sometimes a developer is blind
    for his own unintentional errors, so maybe these reports are just as welcome

    There's no installer and just 1 skin, which is also a temporary skin,
    designed to be basic and usable, and to test the new UI elements.

    Anyway, a few instructions..

    Make sure you have Winamp 2.9x installed..
    (other players are for future versions by using plugins, if needed)

    Just extract it to a preferred folder and run it from there once,
    wait for it to launch, and exit right away... There's no configuration app
    available, so you would have to edit it by hand (which is not a big of a
    deal for most people)

    CM has written the config xml into the newly created Data\ folder.
    Open it with notepad and replace the default "MUSICFOLDER" contents with
    your own MP3 folder (browsing your library is by browsing the folders, no database yet).
    If you use a 848x480 screen, you can enable the UIFULLSCREEN (set it to "True").
    enough about their functions. The LowVolOnStartup setting has higher preference
    over the Remember setting.

    When saved and relaunched, you can exit the application by pressing the top-bar,
    and select Exit on the right popup menu. Other controls are more visible and obvious
    (I hope at least).

    It should run nice on a 1ghz machine with 1gb memory.. But it should run awesome
    on anything a bit higher.. Also there are some known issues with Win Vista/7 and the
    vol-controls. Even this has been virtualised since XP.. anyway, something for the todo list..

    You may download it, but remember it is still beta!

    Enjoy for now!

    The download location is temporary until I find a better spot, or bandwidth runs out

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    I also need to apologize to NoTec,
    I hope you still want to rejoin and finish this project.

    Everyone else, enjoy this version!


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      I would like to - and still surely will one day if you can ever complete the app 100%. At this point I've spent too much time designing and waiting to make it worth it right now.

      So create a 100% sturdy app that runs well and consider yourself a skin made for it.
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        That would be great.

        I've worked hard on the quality and performance of this new version/framework.
        Although it isn't finished, I still recommend you to have a look at it. You'll probably
        notice the difference in terms of stability and speed.

        I stripped down the features and set top priority to speed and stability, instead
        of supporting all features a tiny bit. That's also the reason I'm going to release
        (almost) daily to the public from now. The intention is that this published version
        should be stable for daily use, although new features/optimisations are added each

        Reports, critic and questions of the userbase will also help to keep the project running
        and to focus on the nescessary parts..

        All our great ideas and features are still on the scene, but some are stripped out
        for the moment, some other features are re-introduced. Kinetic scrolling is almost
        done, f.i., dragging lists works great already, the font-system doesn't draw jagged
        edges anymore, alpha blending works way better, etc.. I also extended the caching

        As I said, have a look if you want and have some spare time, I think you'll be
        pleasantly surprised since you're already familiar with the earlier versions!