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CarMa update june 27, 2011 (version beta)

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  • CarMa update june 27, 2011 (version beta)


    A new update has been uploaded to the website.
    GPS and the videobrowser have been fixed (GPS module didn't parse data correctly).

    As usual, a bunch of optimizations and bugfixes have been applied.
    Your free to download and try this version!

    Link to

    since there isn't much response for an XM-radio plugin,
    I've put the development of it on-hold. Maybe, if there is
    enough support, we'll pick it up again. But for now.....

    Enjoy our latest release!
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    Whats happened to this frontend. been a while since they released the beta. Was looking forward to it being released


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      Well.. It's still there, but it's being frozen for the moment
      Due to the low interest in this project, and the fact I no
      longer have a car where I can install a carpc-system.

      Also, I'm not quite sure how long the Windows platform
      will be viable for these kind of tasks. Android is becoming
      more popular each day and I'm still considering a change
      to this platform.

      I already started the process to convert the code to
      64bit and OpenGL for the graphics. Unfortunately,
      this is where it got frozen.

      I will not cancel the project. But atm, I'm unsure
      which direction to go from here.