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  • Upcoming features

    This sticky will be here for people to get an idea what's coming in the future for RevFE, as well as allowing me to publicly track issues that have been fixed for the upcoming release.

    Next Version (V0.6.1)

    RevMediaLibrary - Handles media libraries and playlists
    RevMediaEngine - Plays media using libvlc
    RevAutoAppMart - Downloads plugins from the autoappmart
    RevPluginManager - Installs plugins downloaded from the autoappmart

    * Auto App plugin. This will allow users to download the core, then choose which features (plugins) they want, downoad and auto install them from the auto app mart.
    * Changes in how skins are handled slightly having to do with Skin.xml.
    * Addition of a plugin manager to handle downloading and installing plugins from the auto app mart.
    * The above means there is now a format for which all plugins should abide by should they be on the auto app mart for RevFE. This includes an install.xml file inside the zip, detailing where things should go. This will be documented as soon as someone wants to actually write a pluign.
    * Switching a few plugins over to the AutoAppMart, so users can download them after installing.
    * Release packs. This will be QML files and plugins released to add on to RevFE for Release Candidates and upgrades.
    * Changes in list models, StandardModel instead of ComplexModel. This fixes several refresh bugs
    * Fixes for RevOBD2, so it's much smoother gauges and better connection scheme to the underlying library.

    Future Version (V0.6.2)
    * Notifications. The ability for plugins to pass a gui message box for user input, or just for informative purposes
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