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  • Get the latest version (V0.40)

    Latest Version: 0.40

    This codec is REQUIRED: Otherwise CarPal will report the wrong mp3 length for VBR files:

    This runtime is required as well:

    The source may not match the version of the binaries. I am working to keep them up to date in parallel, but sometimes the source jumps ahead, and sometimes it's a day or two behind.

    Changes from 0.33
    ALL plugins are now created in their own threads. Note for c++ plugin writers (as if there are any) There is a new signal called passCoreMessageBlocking which allows plugins to send a message to the core instantly rather than going through the queued event system. This should be used with GREAT care, if at all. There is only one or two specific uses for this, and misusing it could cause a plugin to get CarPal into what is known as a "Dead Lock" in which CarPal freezes. Plugin devs should never have to use this function, but it's there. .net plugins do not have access to this functionality, as it should not be needed. This can be added later if need be.

    Two major changes are there is now a skin editor (called Skinner.exe) and a configuration utility (called configurator.exe) in teh CarPal directory. These should make both skinning and configuring CarPal easier. I will hopefully be putting up a wiki article on how to use the skinner tonight or tomorrow.

    There have been some major skinning changes which will break skins:

    Skin background images are now as such by default:
    		<bgimage filename="AudioPlayer_ON.png" name="DAY:ON" />
    		<bgimage filename="AudioPlayer_OFF.png" name="DAY:OFF" />
    		<bgimage filename="AudioPlayer_DOWN.png" name="DAY:DOWN" />
    DAY:ON is the default ON skin, DOWN is the default clicked skin, and OFF is unused at the moment. There are also new alignment values for both buttons and labels, Again this is something I am hoping to put up in the wiki

    ALL skins that use labels will be broken, as I have made some changes in the capitalization of fontcolor. All keywords are now lowercase. This breaks labels and listboxes, so PLEASE NOTE.
    Core now puts out two init events, initstarted and initcomplete. All events should be subscribed to on initstarted, and all no events should be thrown until initcomplete.
    Made changes so multiple windows could have programs embedded into them
    Some more minor current-playlist changes. Fixed resuming on restart so when you edit a playlist, the edits don't revert when you restart.
    ID3 Info is now saved to the Database. I am still working on adding the ability to save and load custom playlists.
    Made some major changes to how textvalues for labels are handled. You can now define ANY variable (eg: %somethingfun%) and throw an event:textchange !%somethingfun%! !Value Here! and that label will then display the text "Value Here". This will be reflected in the documentation to be released soon.
    ScrollBar is officially a supported gui item now. This is used for a track position and volume slider in the test skin. This is NOT supported in the skinner yet
    Single line OSK for user input.
    HD Radio plugin. skin included to alllow up to 6 preset stations.
    "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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    NOTICE! If you downloaded before this post, please RE-DOWNLOAD. Meddler noticed and pointed out to me a spelling error in both the configurators save function, and AudioPlayer.xml that renders CarPal useless. It is fixed and working now.
    "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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