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  • Get the latest version (V0.41)

    CarPal is now known as RevFE!

    XML and image based skinning with dynamic lists and button/label text.
    Qt/c++ and .Net plugin support.
    Embedded programs (iGuidance specifically supported)
    Fuel Tracker for tracking usage and keeping statistics on fuel fill ups
    Mp3 player support.
    Folder and custom based playlists.
    Playlist editing and creation
    HD Radio control.
    Date Time, numeric, and text OSK's

    Latest Version: 0.41

    This codec is REQUIRED: Otherwise CarPal will report the wrong mp3 length for VBR files:

    This runtime is required as well:

    The source may not match the version of the binaries. I am working to keep them up to date in parallel, but sometimes the source jumps ahead, and sometimes it's a day or two behind.

    Changes from 0.40
    - Official name change from CarPal to RevFE.
    - Buttons lists and labels now support font, size, and color for their text.
    - Dynamic Lists. Prior to 0.41 there were three types of lists. Playlist lists, Media lists, and Filebrowser lists. Lists are now completly dynamic, in that you can create your own list with any name, and a plugin can populate that list with whatever you want. This also means that skinning is once again, broken in this version. Sorry to the folks who are developing skins!
    - Date/Time OSK as well as a Numeric OSK.
    - PluginManager, giving the ability to load and unload plugins without having to restart. This does NOT work with .net plugins as of yet, only native plugins. It also crashes for obvious reasons when you unload the WindowManager.
    - Skinner now supports lists!
    - FuelTracker, a new plugin to help track fuel consumption and pricing. Currently it only records data, eventually it will also display statistics.
    - First release of iGPlugin. This plugin allows you to have zoom/menu controls as a part of a skin for iGuidance.
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