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  • Problems with RevFE

    I tested CarPal v 0.33 before and was ok, but I have problems to get RevFE to work.

    - I can't play or have listed any songs. I have some mp3's in Music folder (one in root RevFE folder) and musicdir as Music. What else I have to set to get this to work?

    - After use "Search" in Audio Player skin and clicking on "OK" on OSK crashing RevFE with error:
    "RevFE.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. bla bla ...."

    - In "Fuel counter" on NumOSK I can't correct any mistakes. Cancel just get it back to FC screen, but if I try to enter data again, old mistake is still there. Some Backspace will work.

    - How to setup RevFE to work with IG? What are "testSettingOne" and "testSettingTwo" ?

    I really like where this FE going but any basic documentation will help a lot.

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    It's still in beta and a lot of us are working on better documentation. One of the mistakes I made in the beginning is the "Music" folder needs to have music inside of another folder... so Music\folder\song.mp3

    Also, thanks for reporting the errors you encounter, you're helping us (and by us I mean Malcom2073) find the problems and iron them out to make this the best front end out there.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      For the music, it needs to be set up as folders as Tidder said. Eg if your music directory is musicdir:

      The search function does not properly work, I forgot I left it in the skin sorry about that.

      Thanks for the fuel counter issue, That's fixed for the next release now. Edit: If you add this:
      				<properties name="backSpaceButton" text="BkSp" fontsize="18" fontcolor="0:0:0" font="Sans" textvalignment="center" texthalignment="center"/>
      				<geometry x="450" y="100" width="100" height="100"/>
      				<function cmd="SingleLineOsk:cmd keypress !Backspace!"/>
      in the controls of NumericOSKWindow.xml that will give you a backspace button. Or you can wait for the next release

      As for IG, ignore the test settings, they are not used and I will remove them. The default skin is set up to use iGuidance 4, you just have to change the path in the EmbedGPSWindow.xml file in Skins\Default to point to your .exe file and it SHOULD work.

      Glad to see that someone is trying to use it. Tidder and I are working on the documentation, it will quite soon become a priority to get that done.
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        Problem with IG was my installation on D:\.
        Still can't get Music to work.
        I have now mp3's in RevFE\Music\Mx\Song1.mp3 and Music in settings, and it not working.
        Thanks for "Backspace" ;-). I'll put in my skin.
        Can I control volume by buttons (vol + and -)?
        Keep good work guys! If I get it to work, my next CarPC will have RevFE instead RideRunner.

        That is what I working on:


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          Cool looking skin! Are you songs not showing up in the default skin, or in your custom skin?

          If you go into your settings.xml, and in the first line set debug="true" instead of debug="false" Then upload your debugoutput log that might help to figure out why your songs aren't showing up.

          Volume at the moment is set by value, not buttons. I'll have to add a "up" and "down" in the next version. Currently it's set as:

          MediaEngine:media setvolume !value!

          where value is 0-100.
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            I tested in Default skin and working, so something is wrong with my. One more thing: when I open Media Library and click on Folder (MX in my case) i get back to Main Menu and music stop playing. It is right? I think better is go back to Audio Player.


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              Yeah that's correct, you have to manually go back to the audio player. That's the way the skin is designed, it's not meant to really be a usable skin, more of an example .

              You have to have a playlistListBox listbox to display all of your playlists. (Example in PlaylistManagerWindow.xml) You can either have the cmd of that playlistbox be "MediaLibrarylaylist set !%LISTBOX-playlistListBox-ITEMTEXT%!" to immediatly set the current playlist to that one when you click it, or set that command to a button and leave the playlistListBox's cmd empty ("")

              This allows you to set the "current playlist". Once this is set, it will populate a listbox named currentPlaylistBox (you can see an example in AudioPlayer.xml) with all the current playlist's songs.

              Like I said, I'm trying to get together usable documentation on how the skinning system works overall, as well as specifics of different commands.
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                Now something interesting : I just copied rest of Default skin (Before I just have Main Menu (modified) and Audio Player (original from Default) in my folder ) and it working. What other screens do I need to make skin working? Or it is something weird??

                And Malcom fix link in your signature:
                "Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"


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                  You need PlaylistManager, Menu, and AudioPlayer for base functionality. Playlistmanager allolws you to view loaded playlists, and select them. Audioplayer allows you to view current playlist songs, and play them. Menu ties them together. Look at the Rev skin for another example of how you can run without a menu.
                  "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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                    Got it. Thanks.