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    As many who have tried RevFE know, it comes with a simple configuration program which doesn't work worth anything. I am soon going to rewrite it, and I was curious if it should be touchscreen compatible, or if most people play with settings with a mouse and keyboard. It would be fairly easy to integrate an OSK (Thanks Carbon!) and nice large buttons, but such a thing would be obnoxious for anyone trying to configure it on the desktop.... So what do you all think? Touch compatible or non?
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    I have no idea, Didnt use the config prog. I opened it, Looked at it, and then closed and went back to photoshop...
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      I think it should be touch friendly, but keep the osk optional. Seems like most people (including myself) keep a keyboard in the car *just in case*.
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        Touch friendly because you will always need to access it in the car at some point. I'd prefer the pain of using the mouse with an OSK than needing a keyboard and mouse in the car when I didn't have one.
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