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RevFE 0.6.1 Release Candidate 1

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  • RevFE 0.6.1 Release Candidate 1

    Latest Version: 0.6.1-RC1

    0.6.1 includes a major feature addition, the AutoAppMart plugin! This allows you to connect to the mp3car website, browse apps, and download them right from your carpc without a browser. This also has lead to the addition of the ability to install plugins from a zip file, and will eventually allow the user to add, remove, enable and disable plugins on the fly, eventually without restarting RevFE.

    To use the autoappmart plugin, you have to go into the settings menu, and change the username and password to your username and password. These ARE saved plaintext, so if that worries you, wait for a later release where they will be encrypted.

    This thread will be open for issues pertaining to 0.6.1

    As before, documentation is available at It is by far incomplete, however I am working on it.


    Microsoft Visual c++ 2010 redist is required to run RevFE on most systems:


    Linux binaries not available

    You can feel free to download the latest and compile it, there are fewer modifications now required to get it to run, so it should run out of the box fairly easily once you have the required libraries installed.

    Or download it using your GIT client:
    git clone git://
    I am not tagging this release, and will only be tagging major releases from now on.

    Plugins included:
    RevMediaEngine - Main media player for RevFE
    RevMediaLibrary - Media Library support. This handles playlists and id3tags.
    RevGPSReader - GPS status and location
    RevAutoAppMart - Auto app mart integration
    RevPluginManager - Allows the auto app mart program to install plugins.

    AutoAppMart API and plugin, as well as a UI page.
    Changes in plugin names, they now start with "Rev" to differentiate them on the app store.
    Change in how Skin.xml works, transparent to the end user.
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    "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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    Major Bugfix, just extract this ontop of the previous install and replace the files as prompted. Should work much better with this, sorry

    Duplicate items when you only have 1-2 items in a playlist. Clicking on the duplicate "phantom" item caused crashes.
    Mistakes in the QML files from when I changed plugin names, which prevented media from playing.
    Installing autoappmart apps which are currently installed, overwrites previous files, to allow for updating. Auto-updating and update detection coming soon.
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    "stop with the REINSTALLS, what do you think we got some lame-o installer!!!" - mitchjs
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