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Free WiFi connection or NOT (Guino??)

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  • Free WiFi connection or NOT (Guino??)

    Hi folks,

    Most of us use WiFi in the car more and more. So there is a small problem came up today. I was on drive and at the same time I was expecting a critical mail, so I was watching from town to town, village to village if I had a WiFi connection somewhere and I did many times. I could see from time to time an existing connection so I had to minimize my RR, check with a utility if the connection was unlocked (which wasn't most of the times) and maximize the RR again. So this happened several times until I was disappointed and quited.

    Thus I thought that it would be great if there was a small plugin which can be executed each time where is a WiFi detected and if it is unlocked, free, public to have the WiFi signal change color from orange to green. If the WiFi is private, locked then it will stay orange.

    Have you ever heard about it, or is there any way using the already existing software to identify a connection?

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    This is a cool idea but ive been thinking about a program that i could some how intergate into RR that would show all the wifi connections around and let me easily select one. because currently i have to exit RR to pick a connection which is a pain


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      search this forum for AutoNetDetect.
      This is one of them
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        Finally I applied a simpler solution. Check it out