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Noob ???? Compile error

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  • Noob ???? Compile error

    SO I LOVE this App. I am new to the mp3Car world, but after evaluating many front ends, Road Runner has topped my list. Also, i love open source. I am a developer, so of course I want to be able to at least look at the code...So ok, I can look, but when i compile, i have to update code to fully qualify basic functions like mid, left, right, chr, etc. I have never had to do this before...Am i missing something obvious...Been a while since i used VB6...

    Sorry if this is an obvious answer...
    OK...I promise i searched before, but continuted after...Solved the problem with the missing references solution in this post...

    Thanks for reading!

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    if you add anything, feel free to send it my way so you don't have to re-compile it on newer releases AND so other can benefit from it as well.. that's what open source is all about
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