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Multiple screens with Road Runner

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  • Multiple screens with Road Runner

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time builder...

    So I'm tackling a dual screen install, and thus far everything is going well. I found setting up dual Lilliput touch screens to be a breeze - configuring the touch zones for each screen was simple. I'm totally pumped to be going ahead with this, but now I have the inevitable front end problems.

    Road runner seems like the obvious choice, but the default skin obviously won't work for me. I want Video/Audio to trigger on the second screen, and I don't need buttons for satellite radio/tv/phone, etc. I've read through the tutorials for making your own skins, and it's a little intimidating for me. I'm not really that handy with photoshop/GiMP/whatever, and it all just seems really complex to me.

    So the bottom line on this is, has anyone developed a good dual screen skin for Road Runner yet? Browsing through this board, it looks like someone was working on it, but never released anything. Otherwise, any encouragement or words of advice for tackling my own skin? Is there another front end that may be more appropriate for me?

    My install consists of an Athlon64 laptop (160gig HD, 2gigs RAM) which has a dead screen. This will be hidden away in a nice enclosure, and is connected to dual 8" Lilliputs (VGA out and S-Vid out). I have Microsoft Streets and Trips with their GPS dongle (and of course I can't get the driver to install to save my f'ing life). I eventually intend to add a backup camera (which will most likely just go into a Lilli input rather than the PC), and a front-view infrared cam (which probably will go through the PC).

    Anyway, this board is packed full of information, which is great.. but it's hard to synthesize down all that information into what's applicable in my scenario so I'm reaching out for some personal help. Thanks guys!

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    im working on a dual screen skin, but im not sure it will work for you... its gonna accomodate a 1024x768 15" monitor and a 800x480 touchscreen. and its gonna be awhile since i havent even bought the 15" screen yet. sry i cant really help for a while.


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      I've had the same problem. I'm currently running a dual screen setup with two instances of RR running. Guino helped me out big time. All you have to is make a copy of the RR folder, rename it to RR2.exe or something. then modify the skins x and y position on the 2nd instance of RR

      Works very well doing this. The only problem is when there is a conflict with the sound (ie video on one, music on the other) or when I try and run a program (like iGuidance) on both screens.


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        why not just make one big RR skin that extends between the two monitors?


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          CubanAffection- wow i never thought about doing it that way. it do seem easier than making one larger one. How does you computer handle running the two at the same time?

          sorry tundra2000 i don't mean to thread jack.
          1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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            this all sounds very interesting

            If you made your own skin, visit

            at the

            CAR PC NETWORK



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              So what I decided to do was modify the Digital FX skin to accommodate both skins. I've essentially taken all the .JPG's and tacked the GPS jpg to the right hand side, so as to make all of them 1600x600. I'll then modify the .skin files to add the appropriate GPS code, and finally alter the GPS menu button to do something else.. Hopefully should be smooth.