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Road Runner and IGuidance Resume Problems

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  • Road Runner and IGuidance Resume Problems

    Hi Everyone, I've been trying to search for the answer to my problems, but the only information I can find is on how to embed Iguidance. Now that I have it successfully embedded I'm having a few problems on resuming with it.

    As an example I'll have the gps screen up, and if I go back to change to a different song or anything, the second I go back It's a blank screen showing my desktop until I click and drag the mouse some.

    Whats the fix?

    Thanks for the big help!

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    What skin are you using?
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      If you set igNative = true, Remove clip area in the skin. If set to false, doesn't matter you have clip area or not. Check here and here
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        Im using the stock skin, and havent even changed the ignative=

        do I have to change ignative=, or is it set to work stock?

        I did some research, and it was mentioned to add a / to all the lines that begin with a c

        whats the deal?

        I'm confused, and I have no programming skills, so I don't even know how I would go about changing the .skin file

        Once again, thanks alot! Once I get this problem fixed, I'd be set unless something unexpected comes up...


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          You can find what you have ignative= in the rr.ini file in the install directory of rr. Just open it with notepad, and look for ignative=. It will probably be true. If so, use notepad to open up the file in the skin folder of the one you are using. (\skins\BMV2 probably) Now put a forward slash and a comma "/," in front of any line that starts with "C".

          Make this:
          /, C, x, y, w, h
          Into this:
          /, C, x, y, w, h
          Or just delete those lines. Your choice. This was originally put into this file to eliminate the flashing that happens when you run iguidance not natively. But since you are, it makes iguidance go away and shows your desktop.

          If you have ignative=false, I don't know whats wrong.
          Yeah google!


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            If the above will not work try putting this in your ExecTBL.ini file at the top and let me know if it works.

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