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  • RR Trojan

    Every time I try to launch RR, AVG pops up and tells me it has detected a trojan in the roadrunner.exe

    If I heal it, it deletes the RR executable but if I ignore it I get this message:
    Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the file.

    It was working just fine and I took it in my house to put some more music on it. Well, I have a wireless network card so It was connected while I added music but I left it sit all night after that. Then the next morning on the way to school it was doing this. My virus scanner did pick up a virus on it this morning but it deleted it so I don't know why I am still having this problem.

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    Maybe the same as this?
    It's been a while...


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      Yes but I am still getting the access denied even after disabling avg. Uninstalling it is really not an option as it is going back and forth between the car and my house because I'm trying to get all my music set up.


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        Because it is not a virus. It has to do with the code RR uses. Your anitivirus is set too damn high.

        Just download, double click, and be done. Disable AVG for the time if you have to. Once you "heal" it or "repair" the file, by taking out its communication code and other important features leaving a broken file, it is no wonder that it doesn't work.
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          Yes but I have disabled avg completely and reinstalled rr and am still getting the error message.


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            THIS may help

            Sorry, but the SEARCH button mentioned on that video, says it all.

            Example 1:
            Example 2:
            Example 3:
            Example 4:
            Example 5:

            Sometimes it may be hard to determine the exact search words to use in the forums. In this case it was a search for a single word that turned up all of the above results.... " Virus ".

            Searching for the word " Trojan " was not as lucky,it only showed 3 relevant threads:

            Example 1:
            Example 2:
            Example 3:
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              Go into the properties of avg resident shield and set an exclude path to RR restart the machine and it wont bother you again.
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                Teh samw as you!