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Internet Exlorer embedded in RR

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  • Internet Exlorer embedded in RR

    Hello all,

    im sure there is a thread for this already up but i cant seem to find it. I have RR and am using CDr's BMV2. What i wanted, was for Internet Explorer to open up embedded in RR when i press the Web button. I am using IE 6 at the moment, 7 soon.

    I wanted a quick tutorial on the basics behind embedding anything in RR, whether it be IE for the web, or intervideo windvd for dvd etc.

    any help would most certainly be appreciated.


    Amit K

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    Since this is a "frequently asked question" it would be a good idea to check out the "frequently asked question" section. Specifically, "how to embed anything into roadrunner". I'd provide a link but the FAQ should have been the first posts you read. If you have IE specific questions after going through that, then I would suggest clarifying what you've tried and what you haven't. I would imagine that you don't have IE selected as your default browser in RR config.