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RR 04-11-07 .. GDI+, Silabs & More...

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  • RR 04-11-07 .. GDI+, Silabs & More...

    In this version:

    -Added GDI+ mode with support for PNG/TIFF/ICO for skins and picture viewer
    -Added native support to Silabs Radio w/ RDS (Thanks to Wickerswammie, RRMobile & CdR)
    -Added support to change speedatt settings as variables
    -Added WebZoom commands for FireFox (for Web function built-in)
    -Added support to save/load custom skin settings on separate INI
    -Added support for custom commands for switching the XM device to PCR mode
    -Added support for switching scrollable labels by clicking them
    -Added support to format date and time on labels/vars
    -Added support to specify file types to display on SD definition
    -Added support to display extensions according to SD definition
    -Added SETTOPMOST command to control window positions
    -Added RELOADRR command
    -Added background image loading support for transparent screens (GDI+ only)
    -Added TALK command (same as SAY without any volume changes)
    -Added option to fade-in volume when starting up and resuming from hibernation
    -Improved SETVAR to accept ++ with the meaning of ||
    -Updated Car2PC plugin for newer adapters (Thanks to Clarkie)
    -Fixed Issue with strcomp (changed , to ; )
    -Fixed Issue with videoshuffle also shuffleing audio
    -Fixed Issue with XM/SIRIUS unmute after using SAY command on some machines (unconfirmed)
    -Fixed Issue when using SETPATH with invalid path/drives
    -Fixed Issue with menu not showing up with focus by default (keyboard handling issue)

    By Robby_BMW:
    * Added the ability to change the encoding used for the phonebooks by adding the line "phonebooksencoding=CODE (i.e. phonebookscoding=ISO 8859-1)" in rr.ini. If omitted is used the standard encoding (UTF-8). (Snek request)
    * Added support for contact's picture in more PhoCo screens ("", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" and ""). (Freakers request)

    -To Use GDI+ you must set fastmode=-1 in RR.INI and register the DLL like this:
    regsvr32 GDIPluswrapper.dll
    -GDI+ uses MORE memory than Fastmode=0 (default), but it's faster and allows for using transparency.. I know for a fact some skinners are already working on skins using that feature. It also allows you to use one of the high-res weather images on and allows you to view PNG and TIFF on the Picture viewer.
    -It took a lot of time for me to work on the GDI+ stuff, so sorry if I didn't get some requests/mods in place in this release.. please feel free to remind me of anything I forgot.
    -Check TXT files for details on new commands and settings.
    -I haven't updated RRConfig yet, so if you want to use the Silabs radio, open RR.INI and set radiomode=7
    -If you want to skin with Transparencies, there's an example of Transparencies HERE
    -The Updater will be able to update to this version, but currently it says "unsuccessful" though it DOES work. W3bmast3r will update the installshield and the updater as soon as he has a chance to do so.

    There's always more to come.. enjoy it for now,
    Thanks for the support and patience with this long overdue update..
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    very nice work guino... loving RR
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      Thanks again for another release..

      You DA Man....
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        Thanks Guino, Great work as always

        I'll update the full installer in the morning... for now, the updaters should work

        note... the updater may say the update was unsuccessful.. not sure why yet, but it does work, and the updates are successful. Just tried it myself. Looks like I'll have to work on the updater... but you all are good to go

        /edit: @ Guino, the updater pulls the binary from your site, but to make things simple (not having to download the archive, extract, figure out the version, etc... just to get the version) it pulls the new version date from a text file on my site... so one lil change and it's good to go (which it's done)...


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          Another nice update. Great job guino.
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            Another great release! Thank You Guino

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              I dont know what id do without road runner. Thank you again for another great release


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                Great job Guino you just made my life fun. Could you pm me with some links you found handy for GDI+ programming? Maybe some sites or books you found that helped you the most with adding the new features. Thanks.
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                  Originally posted by skiman View Post
                  I dont know what id do without road runner.
                  1000% Agree!!
                  RideRunner...The #1 FE, PERIOD.

                  Current Project: DFXVoice [v1.0 Released]
                  Next in line: RRMedia v2.0

                  DFX 5.1.1 Skin
                  Appstore Link

                  My RideRunner Plugins

                  "There are no bugs - only undocumented features."


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                    beautiful.. love the GDI+!!!

                    thankyou guino!
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                      weee thanks for the release guino. now go take a nice restfull vacation!
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                        It works with ADS labs radio?
                        Englishlessness :(


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                          VERY VERY VERY GOOD WORK.

                          Thank to Guino and all people (CdR/RRmobile/Wickerswammie etc..) that have integrated a very good USBradio in the most-used front-end.

                          PS: in the mirror site, kompass, change the date (2007 intead 2006 )
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                            Thanks for the update..... Much appreciated by all I imagine.....


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                              Thanks...very good work....