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  • ?? GPS Navigation Software ??

    Hi guys.. thumbs up for RoadRunner wow its so superb.

    This is my very 1st post from the sunny South-Africa

    i am busy assembling my CapPc for my everyday entertainment and GPS navigation, but i came to a grinding halt when i discovered that most of the mapping software you guys are not supported in my country
    So I got my hands on HandyMap Pro, i did some searching in the RR forum but found now info or help on this package.

    i have managed to run it under RR as an external app. that works fine, but the OSK for the stock BMW2 skin does not function with this Hanydymap, i cannot get the OSK to type in to the text box of the software...

    Any help or suggestions will be very helpful.
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    Welcome to the forums! I have never used that software, so I am not familiar with it in any way. One thing I can suggest trying, and not positive it will work, as so programs just not work well with the OSK.

    On you embeded map skin, replace the button code for "OSK" with "APPOSK". That is the same OSK but made more to work with embedded applications. It's worth a shot
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      I am also from Sunny South Africa.... well rather Windy Cape Town. Anyway about this GPS navigation software of yours...did you mange to get it to work on our roads? the maps? I installed a pc system in my alfa but am looking for GPS software for Road Runner and still trying to figure out how I am going to replace my Temp and Fuel Gauges with the pc.


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        you should also try some of the third party OSK applications to see if they work well -- in which case you can make the OSK button run the application so you can type. Still, there's nothing like having a keyboard available when you need to.
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