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  • Copydata Sdk

    Could you help me where can I find this SDK?
    " This allows you to pull information from RR via the SDK. Your application needs to implement the COPYDATA window message in order to receive RR's info (look at SDK examples). "

    i'd want to make an app... and i need some help..

    Englishlessness :(

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    what exactly are you trying to do .. there's been a much easier way of receiving data from rr implemented. Just say what ur trying to do and what programming method u wish to use (VB, autoit, etc) Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I Try to make an application that will send some data to RR and the RR send some data for it.
      This app is an external GPS prog for Boat (depth/MOB/anchor... ) HOMEMADE in VB.
      It will send some data to RR (like MM speed/LAT/LON)
      and it need some data sometimes
      I'd like to make it.
      Could anybody send me an "empty" prog what is can send some info/message to RR and it can GET some info from RR... it would be enough help for me.
      I don't want to make an DLL. id like to make an EXE...

      i'd try to search some tutorial but I can't find anythig..
      Englishlessness :(


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        grab the latest rr source code. In the folder it will have an extension plugin example you can use to get an idea on how to do exactly what you wanna do. You dont have to compile it as a .dll Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          Here are some examples to get you going, it is all in VB, as you said thats what you app is written in.

          If you copy this code, and save it as whatever.vbs, you can run it to test it. Just comment out the lines you do not want to test.

          Set RRSDK = CreateObject("RoadRunner.SDK")

          ' To Get information from Road Runner
          CurrentSong = RRSDK.GetInfo("TRACKNAME")
          msgbox Currentsong

          ' To make RR load a skin, execute a comand ect...
          RRSDK.Execute "LOAD;External_GPS.Skin"

          ' To tell RR to skip to the next song
          RRSDK.Execute "NEXT"
          EDIT: Wow, two methods posted at the exact same minute
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            it's so simple ))
            I'll try it !!
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              I try this and its work .. but... how can I use this SKIN command?
              I need to update an LABEL on the skin once in a minute. And if I use this command what is the code of otherside (VB) :?
              thanks for help...
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                You need to update a variable name with CUSTOM in its title, then put that same named variable in your .skin... So in your vb app update a variable called CUSTOMxxx with a value then when you send it it will be displayed in rr.. as long as you have the same label name in your skin file it will show..

                ie.. variable name is CUSTOMNEWINFO , send this to rr with its new value and stick a label called CUSTOMNEWINFO in your .skin file and thats it. Very simple

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                  thank you!

                  I'LLL TRY IT
                  Englishlessness :(