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GPS Zoom Problem- Skinners HELP!!

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  • GPS Zoom Problem- Skinners HELP!!

    Hi all

    I'm trying to embed garmin nroute into enforcer's I drive which is working well, but I need help "zooming" the application

    For planning the uses the left side for buttons (favourites, poi's etc)....and the gps window "A" takes the right side. This is fine.... However

    If i want to run this in full screen, with a button to "" with the "a"window taking up the whole screen, how do i do this?

    I've tried load;;C:\Garmin\Nroute.exe;windowname but this doesn't work i get my but no garmin window.

    I've also tried load;gps_skin;showwindow;windowname; but that doesn't work either...

    i know the syntax here is wrong but - is there anyone out there that can help?

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    if you don't use other GPS soft then try to config RR to external_gps
    in rr config.if you do it you'll can use nRoute with GPS command
    I use garmin and my homemade skin.
    this is my command for use nroute in different skin
    !!!!If you embed it once into you must disembed from it.!!!!!

    "RUN;;;;||LOAD;nRoute_zoom.SKIN;GPS||ACTIVATE;nRou te"

    try this. command
    Englishlessness :(


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      Hey I tried the command, didn't work
      Is what i want to do possible ? because it's resizing an already open window in another skin...

      Maybe A picture will help

      the current button for zoom is

      Do i need to edit my
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        in the second pic, the black part is where the window is supposed to be...

        It works with freedrive, but i just cant quite get the correct syntax for nroute


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          "RUN;;;;||LOAD;nRoute_zoom.SKIN;GPS||ACTIVATE;nRou te"

          try this .. it works with my nRoute skin

          "RUN;none;a.bat;none;||LOAD;nRoute_zoom.SKIN;GPS|| ACTIVATE;nRoute"

          a.bat is an batch file that is contain one command EXIT

          sometimes the RUN command doesn't DISEMBED the aplication > if use RUN;;;; if use that (RUN;none;a.bat;none it will work
          if you need i send you my skin file!

          INPORTANT YOU MUST set the GPS external GPS or make an command in exectbl.ini (EXTGPS... or something like that)

          please send me an email if you need my skin file ..

          Englishlessness :(