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silabs sound problem

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  • silabs sound problem

    ok, first of all, yes ive searched.

    second. my silabs radio works on my vista computer. at least it works with the silabs program. i am still figuring out how it works with RR, so thats another story. on my car computer tho (XP), when i plug it into the computer, a new hardware box pops up calling it an 'fm radio'. i read its supposed to be installed as a USB human interface device, but i couldnt get it to do that. upon running the silabs program, the box that pops up at the beginning saying select your fm radio only gives me the option of selecting my sound card. when i run the program, i get no sound on any station (all my lines are unmuted and the soundcard works fine). the silabs program can scan to all the local radio stations and it knows where to stop to pick them up (and the light blinks whenever i change the station) but i get no sound on any of them. when i do not have the program open it flashes orange/red, and when i do, it flashes green. help?