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album art is gone?

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  • album art is gone?

    Does anyone have any ideas on why my album art is not showing up in road runner? I have the latest update and I'm using the latest Void skin. All my album art files are still in the folder and the RR configure is set right. The only thing I changed around the time they went missing is I added a few songs off a usb drive, but I don't see what that cold have done.

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    Did you run any other media programs like Media Player, etc. It's possible that the flag was set to make the files hidden. That would be the 1st thing I'd check.


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      If they were hidden they wouldn't show up in the files would they?


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        The files will still show up in Windows Explorer, even if the attribute is set to hidden. Have a look at this FAQ (I know it says Gizmo, but he is the one that moved the post to the FAQ section, and it took on his name for posting it in doing so) I wrote a few months ago, that will probably get you back to normal. Also check your, and see if you have "x,MP3ART" in the skin. This would tel RR to look in the MP3 files them self for the art.
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