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  • GPS skin related questions

    I have S&T with RR. I use a customized CFX skin as my main, and the BMV2-esque GPS skin with all the nice S&T buttons. The problem is that when I switch to GPS, the S&T window ends up on top of the RR skin -- I have to exit back to main and then enter GPS again for it to look right. Is there a way to fix this so it looks right the first time?

    Also, I saw that RR includes a label that supposedly shows the number of satellites. However, it always shows "1". Does this really work? If so, what am I doing wrong? Is there a way to have an indicator that lights when I have a good GPS fix?

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    The S&T works fine. You didn't post which version you have, 2006 or 2007 or the gps skin file. Probably you're losing the focus when you call S&T. Set it up as the external GPS in the exectbl.ini file.

    For GPS indicators to work make sure you have a com splitter for the GPS receiver working. They have to be on a different com-port than your GPS program. Make sure to have indicators for your skin in you're using the North, south, etc directions..


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      Also S & T changed the window title between 2006 & 2007 versions. One is spelled out, and one uses the ampersand symbol: "Streets and Trips" -vs- "Streets & Trips". If the window title is incorrect in the RRConfig then RR can not embed the window properly.
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        I'm using S&T 2007, sorry for not mentioning that. I have it set up as external GPS in RR. I don't know what you mean by com splitter. Do you mean that RR has to be reading the GPS on a different COM port than S&T? I think I have it set so that it's putting out NMEA on 2 COM ports and RAW on another. S&T reads the NMEA on COM3. If I set it to COM1 it gets confused.

        I'll try the name change and see what happens.


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          The name change should help out with the focus issue. For RR and S&T to both read your GPS, you need to split the signal. So, right now you've got S&T reading your GPS on com-3. Search for "XPort 3" (by member Curiosity IIRC). Set it up to read com-3 and output to com-4 and com-5. Set RR to read one and S&T to read the other.

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            Well the other RR GPS-related things work, like the speedometer and compass (on the flash clock), but even in those displays it says there are 0 (zero) satellites. Is gathering the number of satellites something else?

            I looked at my RR settings and the window name was correct: "Microsoft Streets & Trips"