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nRoute SKIN for RR and MC2.0

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  • nRoute SKIN for RR and MC2.0

    I made a skin for nRoute. It has some problem but it works..
    the problem...
    sometimes the Zoom menu is lost focus (RR) i try to correct it.
    If you find an City by name the DEL button is not work correctly because nRoute is open an dropdown menu> you must press it twice i try to correct it but i can't
    It works only an ENGLISH version of nRoute of course you can change the voice file ...

    the whole skin file : http:/

    i hope so you can use it...

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    Englishlessness :(

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    Looks good....
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      Hi I just can get it to start. Where should I put nRoute? I installed it on default dir C:\Garmin\nRoute\nRoute.exe but it does not start.
      I put files from mc2.0 to skin folder. The skriptz folder is in C:\
      The Exec.TBL.ini and a.bat are in rr folder and NRouteSTART=0 is in rr.ini

      What am I missing?


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        you could put nRoute anywhere, but set - up the RR external GPS and correct path...
        The OSK is not working right, update coming soon in this week or monday
        Englishlessness :(


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          I would like to try your skin, but I can't download it.
          this link is not woking

          please help, where can I download this nroute skin?


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            I've updated the link
            Englishlessness :(


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              The link doesn't work...


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                IT WORKS
                now.... i forgot to rename it on server...
                Englishlessness :(


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                  Thanks it is working:


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                    fyi - feel free to upload the files to our downloads section here.

                    You can find it in the nav bar at the top if you like.
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                      any response... ?
                      Englishlessness :(


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                        I tried your nRoute skin, but unfortunately it did not work perfectly for me.
                        For example: there were some clicks on wrong tabs in Preferences window.
                        You have created some AutoHotKey scripts (they are in exe format) for complex "jobs" to remote nRoute.
                        It is a very good idea, but in my case it did not worked perfectly.
                        To investigate the problem I decompiled some of the exe files.

                        I found mouse movements and clicks in the decompiled scripts, but there were not any tab selection.
                        Part of the decompiled U-turns script:
                        WinWaitActive, Preferences,
                        MouseClick, left,  55,  248
                        Sleep, 100
                        I think it is not always the best way to use Autohotkey macro recorder for this tasks, because it usually uses mouse movements and clicks.

                        I have a solution to activate the appropriate Routing tab in Preferences window and uncheck U-Turns box without mouse movements.
                        WinWaitActive, Preferences, 
                        SendMessage, 0x130C, 9,, SysTabControl321, Preferences  
                        Sleep, 100
                        Control, Uncheck, , U-Turns, Preferences  
                        Sleep, 100
                        Please try it, think it over, if you need my help please write me.
                        I left a message to you on the Hungarian pc2car forum too.


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                          ill try it... i use macro recorder to make an exe...
                          where can i read the doc of autohotkey?

                          YESYES please help me.. i know my """solution""" is very simple and sometimes don't work correctly, but i don't know autohotkey....

                          Ducsi akkor ott magyarságosan megbeszélgetjük ok? az jobban megy ))
                          Englishlessness :(


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                            How do I install the Nroute skin?

                            I downloaded the file. I unzipped everything.
                            I have put everything in the RR skin dir.

                            When I start RR I only see the default skin. Not the one I downloaded.
                            What should I change in Nroute?
                            I see there is a file. I unzipped that one to.
                            Where Do I have to put all the script exe's to?

                            How do I tell RR that I would like to have Nroute als deafult gps program


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                              osa2: I have modified the skin, but it has only a hungarian install file.
                              I am going to create an english readme. You will be informed!