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Problem with RR not reading all music

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  • Problem with RR not reading all music

    Hello, For a while I've been using Road Runner and it has been perfect, now RR doesn't see all my music anymore. When i open an album no mp3s are in there but I know theres music in the folder....

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    What have you done different recently? One time i moved all the rr.ini from my laptop to the car pc. My music didn't show in the car; took me a while before i realize that the path to music on the laptop (transered with rr.ini) is different than the path to music in the carpc..DUH!
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      No I haven't done anything different. It's weird because some albums would show mp3s but other albums don't show.... I wonder what the problem is.


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        I had this problem with my 10,000 Days album by Tool... are the mp3 encoded differently?

        My tool album was not mp3, but m4a. Winamp would play them (as long as you have the codec) but Road Runner still wouldn't show them. You have to add a line in your rr.ini file for the file extension, this is what I added in mine:

        audiofiles= *.m4a, *.mp3

        Mine didn't seem to have the "audiofiles=" line when I first checked, yours might already have it; if so just add the *.extension to it.

        Hope that's the cause of, and solution to, your problem.
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          This is gonna sound dumb, but if you're anything like me you've done some dumb things, so...

          Is your skin set to show playlist files or directory files? If it's playlist, have you checked to make sure the playlist didn't get corrupted? I used to screw myself up with this all the time, and so I switched over to a directory listing and select from that view. In any case - just to eliminate the dumb stuff, I would refresh the winamp playlist and see what happens.


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            Where is the directory vice playlist listing option? Somehow on mine, when I select the music I can see it, but when I select to play it, nothing shows up and nothing plays. I've noticed when I open the music, SAVEd PLAYLISTS show up on top. HELP!