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Weird video problem running off laptop

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  • Weird video problem running off laptop

    I have a thread in the LCD subforum with a similar issue, but a new issue has popped up.

    Video doens't show on my screen, but audio works fine. The weird thing is when i go to look on the laptop, the video is playing fine on it even in road runner. I though it might be a codec issue so I deleted my current codec pack (k-lite), and installed cccp codec pack, but the same issue is still there.

    To make it even more weird, the videos work outside of roadrunner on the lcd screen, but only in windows media player. When i try outside of road runner on media player classic or zoom player, it doesn't work.

    4/11/07 Roadrunner
    Dell 600M
    1.8 ghz
    ATI radeon 9000 mobile
    512 mb ram.


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    I did some more searching and i realzied the problem was with the overlay for my video card.