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Winamp transparent visualization issues

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  • Winamp transparent visualization issues

    I have 2 pcs that I work with RR on. My carpc and my main computer (what I do most of my work on.) When I use the Visualization in RR on my main pc it shows up transparent and I can click threw it like I want.

    However on my car pc it shows it solid and I have a hard time keeping it in front of RR.

    Any idea what setting I need to change to get this so it is transparent like my main pc?

    As I write I realised I never did copy over the RR.INI on my carpc from my main pc... Maybe that is it... I can't test it ATM but if anyone else knows what else this could be let me know.

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    avstranparent=true in rr.ini


    have screensaver.ini in rr folder.
    Pico-ITX / XP Home with EWF-HORM / RR v12/02/2009 / Winamp v5.13 / RRMedia v1.2.2