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Need help!! First song of playlist...

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  • Need help!! First song of playlist...

    Hello everyone,

    Ok after about 5 months of this I'm about at the point where I cannot stand it anymore. I've searched around a bit and found similar problems but not this exact one. Here is my problem, Whenever my computer returns from hibernation it plays the first song on my playlist every time, even when I was watching a movie or listening to the radio before turning the car off.

    Say I had the radio on before leaving the car, I would come back more than 15 minutes later(laptop shut control), and turn it on and the Radio would still be on, than couple seconds later... there you have it the first song on the play list starts blaring. What annoys me, is sometimes my radio stations come in a little weak in volume levels with the silabs stick, so I have to turn em up, then the Mp3's turn on and it scares the living crap outta me sometimes..

    Anyone know a fix on this.. I tried everything..I turned the Music on resume to Never, double click song on playlist off and on just incase it was sending a key stroke to winamp somehow.. please help! Thanks...