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Slow Music Browsing, Reaction to buttons

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  • Slow Music Browsing, Reaction to buttons

    Hi All,

    A week ago I put a PC in my car and started using RoadRunner as frontend with the DigitalFX skin. It works and looks great, except for one minor issue.

    When browsing through my music and holding the scroll button, you see it scroll, but sometimes it just hangs, and after a few seconds it goes further.

    Same with pressing Play/Pause. I press the button. Nothing happens for 1-2 seconds, and then it pauses. Then I press Play/Pause again, and then it plays immediately.

    No problem with the Windows Explorer, and Winamp. Both work just fine.

    I've changes scanseconds to 3600, but that doesn't help.

    What could be the problem???

    My Car PC