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    Is there a way to convert our labels for Latitude and Longitude in a world known format as in degrees, minutes and seconds like in my mockup shot?
    Or is there a converter out there what can do this? I searched for hours and can't find one.
    See shot.
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    i can tell you the formula....

    something like

    int(x) degrees int((x-int(x))*60) mins ((x*60)-(int(x*60)))*60 secs.

    (i think)


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      oh, if you are doing it in something that can handle time. just divide by 24, and it will show you it in hours, mins, seconds. you just then need to convert the hours back (as there is only 24 of them not 360.


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        This the sort of thing you are looking for ?
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          Well, here is the dat received fron the GPS receiver.

          $GPGGA,170834,4124.8963,N,08151.6838,W,1,05,1.5,28 0.2,M,-34.0,M,,,*75

          GPGGA stands for Global Positioning System Fix Data
          170834 is the time 17:08:34 UTC
          4124.8963,N is your Latitude 41d 24.8963' N or 41d 24' 54" N
          Believe it or not but there are 10000 sec in a minute. Just devide 10000/60
          then devide 8963/166.66 that gives you 54", anyways
          08151.6838,W is your Longitude 81d 51.6838' W or 81d 51' 41" W
          1 is fix quality, 0=Invalid, 1 = GPS Fix, 2 = DGPS Fix
          280.2,M is your Altitude 280.2 meters above sea level
          -34.0,M is Heights of geoid above WGS84 ellipsoid -34 meters
          then there are two blanks, one for Time since last DGPS update and one for
          DGPS reference station id and the star 75 is the checksum digit.

          Now, looking at RR Code the labels are converted into decimal degrees as you can see in those lines

          'GPS Info (Mappoint & MM)
          Case "gpslat"
          S = S + Format(GPS.Lat, "0.000000")
          Case "gpslon"
          S = S + Format(GPS.Lon, "0.000000")
          Case "gpsalt"
          S = S + IIf(ISUnits, CStr(GPS.Alt), Format(GPS.Alt * 3.2808, "0"))
          Case "gpsspd"
          S = S + IIf(ISUnits, Format(GPS.speed * 1.852, "0"), Format(GPS.speed * 1.150779, "0"))
          Case "gpshdg"
          S = S + Format(GPS.HDG, "0")
          Case "gpssat"
          S = S + CStr(GPS.SATS)

          Gosh, what mouthful for a label format request. It would be nice to be able to change the format like this
          Lxxx,xxx,xxx,"LAT","00.00.00" or for decimal

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