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    OK I have to admit this is a bit "pie in the sky", but I was wondering if it would be possible to develop a web interface to RR.

    OK first question...What would it be used for. Well I wasn't specifically thinking about carpc's, I was reading about Fusion Brain and considering options for using this with Home automation. I am already using RR as the front end to a simple Home automation application. Just think how much more useful this would be if it could be accessed across the web.

    Car use? Well I can't think of any practical application off hand (after all the PC would have to be on and connected to the web), but some of you may have brillant and unorthodox ideas.

    So any thoughts??...Paul

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    This is a nice idea for sure, but it's just not practical for what RR was designed for, and would take a LOT of work to implement.

    Personally, I am running Road Runner to control my home automation stuff using a dedicated machine. I have a 15" Touch screen hooked to that PC, that I am just about to mount into a wall. If I need to access that machine from the LAN/WAN I can remote desktop into that machine.

    To send simple commands to that machine, you can use AutoIt scripts to send commands to RR over the network. Meaning, you can have another instance of RR running, and and when a button is pressed, send a command to another RR instance on the network.

    Using VNC, you will not be kicked out of the remote screen to a log in screen, and can operate the computer locally as well as remotely at the same time.
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      I've been thinking 'bout it too

      Maybe a PHP module with some javascript to handle the on, over and other events on the client side (make it simple so even smartphones and PDAs can handle) and sending commands to RR through the COM interface...

      using images to do the background trick just like RR does...

      what you think of it?

      My main idea is to use my SE P800 (old but funny brick smartphone) to control my carputer from opera web browser and throught bluetooth

      the colateral effect is that if your skin is huge, than u can use it for the things u guys are using, even control your home entertainment system from your office on internet

      that's why RR rulez and ever will

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