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Silabs USB Radio sound issue in RR

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  • Silabs USB Radio sound issue in RR

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm building my first CarPC, it has not been in the car yet. I'm trying to get everything working first. I've read the FAQs, and done lots of searching but haven't found an answer. This post describes a similar issue.

    I have a Silabs USB radio in RR with BMV2. It's configured correctly in RR.ini, radio type 7. When I open RR, if I go directly to radio, it displays the station, receives RDS, lets me change stations but there is no sound. If I open RR go to music and start an mp3 then switch to radio the radio will have sound. I've tried changing the mute line for radio but it seems to have no effect. I would like to have radio available from the start. Thanks.