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GPS and RR problem =p

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  • GPS and RR problem =p

    I'm using iGuidance and got RR to load it up no problem.. got the GPS working and everything.. BUT i'm running all this off a laptop and using the touch screen as a second screen.. in the general.ini for the skin i have it set to move RR over to the 2nd screen and it works great BUT when i try and load the iGuidance for some reason RR offsets that the same amount as RR is offset
    monitor 1 is 0-1279 pixels across and monitor 2 is 1280-2080

    so if i set RR to pop up at 1280 it fills up the whole 2nd screen but then RR tells iGuidance to pop up at 2560 (1280+1280). I tried it with a lower settings like 100 and it start RR 100 pixels in and then iGuidance is another 100 pixels..
    I also tried 4 different skins and they all do the same thing

    heres a screen shot.. anyone know what to do to solve this? i've tried to search.. but didnt find anything.. =P

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    no one knows? ok maybe someone knows how to set the (i think thats the name of the file) to move the gps window and i can just have it try and move the gps window to -1280 so it should show up...


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      this sounds like a bug... are you using IGNative options ? could you try to turn it off ? it shouldn't be doing that... I'll have a quick look at it.

      EDIT: I've verified, the window positioning when using ignative should be relative to RR's screen not the desktop (as when not using ignative) -- a negative position in the A definition should fix it for now, as would disabling ignative. This still needs to be fixed.
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        ok i'll try both of those suggestions =)