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How do I setup multiple custom indicators?

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  • How do I setup multiple custom indicators?

    Sorry for the newbish type of post, but it's been a while since I've skinned and I'm confused about how to do this. I have a skin with eight buttons on it, and I want to have an indicator light up on each button that shows the last one pressed. I created a "light.gif" file but I'm having problems getting it to show up on the last button I press (like "radio buttons"). Actually, could someone even explain just how an indicator does its thing? That might get me on the right path.
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    Most of the time, when indicators are put inside buttons the problem is that the drawing of the button overrides the indicator drawing. I would suggest making your indicator either surrounding your button area OR outside the button OR make it BLINK (using :B).. this will ensure it's visible when ON...

    Other than that, if you're really gonna load it from a file, the easiest thing is to load them with the IMG definition in the .skin file.. then just toggle it on/off as usual.. this would be a 2 button example:

    / Buttons
    B1,0,0,100,100,"CMD1||RESETINDS||SETIND;!MYIND1;ON ",""
    B2,0,0,200,100,"CMD2||RESETINDS||SETIND;!MYIND2;ON ",""

    / Images (for the indicators)

    / Indicators

    in ExecTBL (in the skin's folder for instance):


    Note that I defined the Indicators OUTSIDE the buttons, if you want them inside, then add :B in the quotes for the I1 and I2 definitions (for them to Blink):

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