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Autoroute 2007 Vista and Registry Settings Error

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  • Autoroute 2007 Vista and Registry Settings Error

    I am having problems getting Autoroute to run in my RR. I had it running fine, but since the new version it no longer runs. It gives me the error "Your registry settings for this application were not copied correctly. To correct setup again."
    I have obviously uninstalled, reinstalled but to no avail. Looking this error up on google it seems a few perople have had this issue with Vista, but not in RR. Unlike them, I can run AR fine on its own with no errors, its just in RR I have this error. Also, if I set the Compatability to XP then I get the error OUTSIDE RR! It would almost seem as if RR is running the app in a compatability mode??? Does anyone have any ideas what's going on please?

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    Are you running RR in XP compatibility mode ? if so, I'd assume anything you run from RR would also run in the same fashion.
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      Oh Genius! I didn't think to look at the RR shortcut - must be old age.
      Many thanks Guino :-)