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Detect when call is active in RR ?

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  • Detect when call is active in RR ?


    Been browsing forum for some time, and have already learned alot regarding my new hoppy.. carputers ;-)

    I'm building my first carputersystem, but the phone integration is making me problems.

    I've a lot of problems getting the audio gateway and my Nokia 6230i to work properly (audio gateway works fine first time a call arrives, but on any further calls, the phone hangs up the call).

    I've tried RRmobile, Freefone, PhoneControl, but they all seem to fail with the problem described above. This tells me that the problem is related to the BT software on my carputer (Widcomm) or BT implementation on my Nokia 6230i.

    So I thought I would make a work around using my BT carkit.

    The idea is to redirect the sound from the carkit to linein on carputer when a call is active. This can be done by muting master sound and unmute linein and visa versa when call ends.

    I'm planning to write an RR extension which will do the muting/unmuting stuff, but for that I need an event from RR I can trap when call is incomming and a event when a call is made.

    Is there any of the phone apps(Freefone, RRmobile, PhoneControl) which tell RR when a call is active/incomming/outgoing ?

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    I know with FreeFone, it runs in the background, and when a call comes in, it pops up the caller screen. I am not sure what is triggering that, but you should be able to tap into that for incoming calls.

    As for calling out, you can put code on your Dial button to switch the audio. You could also put code on the hang-up button to mute the line in.

    I wish I knew more specifics, but see no one else had a response, so this may help guide you in the right direction

    If all else fails, post a message in the freefone thread, and maybe CDRSkull can tell you of any hooks into it.
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      Thank you for your reply.

      I've been playing around with Freefone and the demo of PhoneControl this evening to see if I could find anything to trap /detect.

      Did and RR extension, just so I could trap any commands send to RR. But as far as I can tell, only commands that are not handled in other extensions (returnvalue=0) are comming to my extension. is that right ?. I didn't see any commands regarding Freefone or PhoneControl in my extension.

      Will give it another try.



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        I do not know if your phone would be supported in the older version... but...

        The original FreeFone used standard RR skins and such. When CDR remade it, he made it a flash application for some reason. All of the commands are probably being handled internally in the flash file.

        I don't even know if you can find the original or not, but its worth a shot.
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          mobworld, I've been browsing the forums in the phonecontrol website, and the problem is not RR or PhoCo, it's both, the Widcomm driver (who now is Broadcom) and your phone.You need to update to the latest Broadcom driver (I believe it's 5.xx or something like that) and, also, from what I've gathered from the forums, your nokia needs a firmware update.

          Hope this helps.


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            If regardless of what maddominican said, you still want to make the plugin, what I can suggest you is that you connect to Phoco using the TCP interface (much like RR does) then monitor the "incall" events it sends to any connected clients -- this will tell you when you are on the phone regardless of how you called or received a call. Phoco has documentation available on its interface.. I'm sure if you talk to CDR he can provide you some sort of interface to Freefone as well..
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              Thanks for all replys.

              Regarding the BT Widcomm drivers, I've found out that the reason for Audio Gateway (AG) to fail second time a call is recieved, is because the AG connection is still active from the previous call. If I disconnect and reconnect the AG the call gets through and PC speakers and microphone are used.

              After doing some more research on this topic, I found out that PhoneControl is only working with AG when a similar sequence is made (disconnect AG by pressing the headset icon after each call). So I guess this is a limitation in Widcomm/BT/Nokia 6230i.

              This makes me want to do my RR extension even more. I've found the Phoco VB example for remoting the app, and will look at it. Preferably I can make my app work with freefone, because I really like the way it looks, works and integrate with RR.

              Will try to contact CDR to get some more info on how to check when incall from RR.

              Thank you