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Feature Request: Preloading both skins

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  • Feature Request: Preloading both skins

    I'm sure I've read a thread where this was suggested, but I can't find it. Sorry about this.

    Would it be possible to add the functionality to preload screens for both day and night skin ? ATM it's just available for the skin Roadrunner loads at startup. Or did I miss something ?

    Anyway, using this feature would slow down the windows start. But when using EWF and HORM you just do this once anyway. Skin switching would be instantly then. Also there would be no lag when you switch to another screen for the first time.

    Opinions ?

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    that's understandable.. but skins are treated separately as of right now, so there's a lot that needs to be thought of before doing this.
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      No problem . I just hope that it finds it's way into a future release.