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freefone can dial but not hangup?

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  • freefone can dial but not hangup?

    Ok, I am trying to figure out this bluetooth stuff, and I am halfway there.

    I have a Bluetooth Modem connection set up on COM40. (NOTE: when using the serial port profile, freefone hangs on "trying to connect", when using the modem profile, it connects.)


    Freefone detects the phone and the ATD command sends to the phone fine. (I have unlocked my phone as well.) However, AT+CHUP and ATH both do not work.

    Freefone also does not notice when calls come in to the phone.

    So i can dial out from freefone, but not hangup or receive calls.

    And zorros installs, but wont run correctly.

    Heres what i did to try to debug myself. I ran freefone, dialed 611, and tried a hangup with AT+CHUP as the hangup command, and the debug reported Error.

    When i ran freefone, dialed 611, and tried a hangup with ATH as the hangup command, the debug reported OK, yet nothing happened. I have attached both.

    also, i have tried all of the "phonemodes" in the settings.ini as well.

    can anyone help!?
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    dude, I hear you man. I'm afraid I can't help you but I just wanted to mention that I have had little to no replies on freefone questions for about 2 weeks now.

    I'm not sure if it's because not many people use it (since you have to have a good phone to do it, multi bluetooth channel) or what, but I can't even get response from the guy who made it. (but i'm very appreciative that he made it in the first place, it's great)

    maybe I should contribute to him and others who made RR, but anyways you kinda have to play with it yourself for now.

    that's how i fixed my first problem. My first problem was that the iphone skin was missing the fonecall.jpg file so my screen was all wrong, took me a while to realize this file was missing. (it was the only file missing)

    but it works now. but my new problem is freefone does not display one or more of my contacts. that's really strange because my phone is linking perfectly with my pc and rr every time. just missing an entry or more.

    anyways, I was just letting you know that this is what they meant when they said "rr is not for the faint of heart" .. LOL I guess that's what they meant.

    good luck man


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      thanks for the reply, at least I know im not the only one! btw, what kind of phone are you using, and what functionality did you squeeze out of freefone (hands free, incoming call notify, etc)


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        ok, here is more info i kinda had to find out on my own, as the in depth searching really didn't explain everything.

        freefone 1.3 and 1.4 let's you see your contacts, begin and end phone calls, and displays an image of your choice for each number in your contact list on phone. it also mutes the music of RR during calls. It does not have the audio gateway yet so you can't talk or hear calls through pc. but the guy who made this is working on that for the next version of freefone.

        oh, and RR iphone skin and i imagine others show the satellite strenght and the battery life.

        I'm using the sony ericsson k800i. the ericsson's are the most compatible.


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          FreeFone does work with the audio gateway as this is not a function of freefone but bluetooth. I have my Razr hooked up via the USB cable and use the bluetooth of the phone for the headset profile. Workes like a charm and displays all the info from the phone.


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            wait, so with my sony ericsson I could use the audio gateway if I use the pc connection?

            I have a k800i, how will freefone know my k800i is connected by wire if I want to try this?


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              If you connect it with the cable then you shold see a phone modem in device manager.
              Use that com port to connect to freefone.


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                Hey MGD, my razor V3m (usb cable) can connect but it keeps resetting. If I try to make a call it starts to dial and then beep. It beeps about every 3 secs.
                Why buy it if you can build it? Even if it cost twice as much to build.


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                  whats the difference between using the phone as a modem over the usb cable, or using it as a modem over bluetooth?

                  and how did you get the audio gateway working, through an external application?


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                    If you just need the modem then you can connect either way. If your phone can handle 2 bluetooth connections at the same time then you can use the modem and the headset.
                    My Razr connects over the cable and uses the bluetooth for the headset.


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                      ahh i see, so if i have a mutli channel reciever and phone, i dont need the cable except for charging.

                      how do i set the comport in freefone for the gateway? or are you using an external program.


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                        there is only one place in freefone to set the comport.

                        it's in the freefone ini file, you edit the number already in, It's 41 or something, to your comport used by your pc and device.


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                          Originally posted by mike827 View Post
                          ahh i see, so if i have a mutli channel reciever and phone, i dont need the cable except for charging.

                          how do i set the comport in freefone for the gateway? or are you using an external program.
                          You don't set the Gateway you set the com port to communicate with the phone im freefone.ini. Other than that you have to set the Headset profile in the bluetooth.


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                            my toshiba based bluetooth stack supports HSP, but i think only in one direction. (i am using a zoom wireless dongle.)

                            it can connect TO a headset, for use in skype, but i dont think it can function AS a headset.


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                              Hi dudes

                              Hi Dudes,

                              Who can help me for a well working freefone edition. I try to download the 1.4, but it's not possible. Who has a working link for me?