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  • video preview problem

    Well after taking the advice of guino. i went through and renamed all my music video and made snapshots(that will show in the preview window)
    Soulja Boy-crank dat.avi - this is the music video
    Soulja Boy-crank dat.avi.jpg - i made a matching snapshot jpg to show in the preview window

    Problem: it shows some and not others. It gets even weirder, the ones it does not show(preview window) while scrolling down the list, will appear while scrolling back up. I must say not all the videos show in the preview window regardless, it just shows about 3 while scrolling down and maybe another 2 -4 more while scrolling back up. It's always the same videos. I checked everything even the dimensions. Please help it's the only problem i have with rr everything else is fine.

    Also how can i make the text smaller or different color