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slider to jump to letter in directory list

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  • slider to jump to letter in directory list

    hi everybody

    another quick question regarding sliders etc..

    the ipod touch has this nifty feature where in the album library, it has the letters of the alphabet down the side, and as you run slide your finger down them, the directory list jumps to which ever letter your finger ends up on (sliding, as opposed to button presses). would it be possible to do this with a custom slider somehow? this would be so slick paired up with the iList.

    i know you can have "a b c" buttons etc linking to the directory list alphabetically, but i thought it would be cool to have it operate as a slider!

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    Interesting idea.. I'd probably want to see how it works before trying to do anything like that.
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      i've done it in a flash screen... it was semi-useful but the problem of having fingerprints all over the touchscreen made me get rid of it Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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