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  • PowerDVD porblems

    Hi i've been at this for months to no avail, i'm hoping someones got an answer because i've hit the wall.

    I've followed all the steps to get internal and external DVD to work in RR on a number of different skins but i keep getting the same problem.

    Right now i'm trying to get powerdvd working because its my prefered method but i'll take any thing i can get because im at my wits end.

    When I launch power dvd from my dvd button (LOAD; the screen launches, it takes a few seconds but soon i will hear the dvd start but i get no video. On the top left of my screen the words "control" appear and the rest is transparent, no video. My cursor will also keep defaulting back to teh top left of the screen whenever i move it.

    I've included a screen shot. has any one got any ideas? i've even disabled hardware accelartion but that didnt help.

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    Im not too sure what skin ur using, would be useful im using cdrskull's FU skin, and Got DVD working fine using powerdvd.

    Change or Add the below line in place of ur (LOAD; in FU's case, its menu.txt.
    &[email protected]\[email protected];powerdvd_player.s kin;C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\powerDVD.exe;DVD&

    i guess u just need to add the location

    NOTE: &mainbut3 is the button location

    that should get u goin
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      i'm using BMV and simplistique. i tried to get FU but all the DL links for it seem to be down or removed! even on the freedom website...


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        which version of Powerdvd

        are you useing, 6 is the best to embed, check your window name in the config.

        also try this button code:

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          COOL! I installed v6 (I had v7) and now i can see video not just audio! =)

          but now the dvd doesnt seem to fit in rr properly, seems like its in fullscreen mode, plus i keep getting the word "controls" in the top left of the screen and can't get back to rr when thats there... any thought?


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            its ok i think i get it, im using the kb and mouse but obviously rr is designed for touchscreen, the movie runs full screen but if i was to click it (without kb n mouse) it will loose the menu bar if i click or make a mouse movement the control thing comes up and lets me use the menu which is good becuase its touchscreen so the prob with the controls dissapearing wheni move the mouse wont happen in a touchscreen environment.

            That right?


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              in a touch screen environment, its the same, when u touch the screen, the "control" pops up then u hit that and it brings up the DVD menu system, then u can go from there, its perfectly normal
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              Remember, as soon as you make something idiot-proof, they will come out with a better idiot.


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                Thanks again for all your help guys, im so glad its all wokring now. I cant believe that after all this time it was just because i was using v7 instead of v6!!!!!!!!!


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                  The idea of "controls" is so you can click on a DVD menu option (possibly where the controls are), meaning, you'll only bring up the controls when you need them to (by clicking "Controls").
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                    I've had some problems with Power DVD v6, it wont play even on standalone mode. Searching for the error code found out it was supposed to be PowerDVD wasnt installed as Administrator. I went to Power DVD 4 and all is fine.

                    This is how I got it to work with RR. In settings:
                    General tab:
                    Uncheck Play Automatically Upon Disc Insert
                    Uncheck Show Warning Messages
                    Uncheck Show Icon in System Tray
                    Uncheck Run PowerDVD Automatically at Windows startup
                    Check Show Tooltips
                    in Advanced:
                    Disable Toolbar
                    Disable OSD

                    and Video Tab:
                    Uncheck Hardware Acceleration
                    Uncheck Run Full Screen
                    Check Keep Aspect Ratio
                    Check Screen is Always On Top

                    If I dont do the last one, I can hear the video playing but the screen is showing what it last showed (as if the video driver wont show video playing if its not On Top).

                    But having Screen is Always On Top is probably the reason why sometimes click on the screen to bring up Control does not work. I'd prefer if there was a corner button that's always there, click on the button and it brings out the Control Panel in the skin.

                    I guess its up to individual preference
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                      great tips, thanks for sharing!