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Overlay IG on GE?

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  • Overlay IG on GE?

    I was just thinking, how cool would it be if you could make either GE or IG transparent and overlay them at the same zoom level so that you could still get the navigation capabilities of IG and the cool satellite imagery of GE at the same time. I don't have internet access in the car so GE is pretty much only good for eye candy while driving around, but not for directions. Right now, I have autoswitch enabled, so it automatically trades over to IG when a turn is coming and switches back to GE when its done, which is pretty neat in itself, but I was just thinking what if it's possible to take it a step further?

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    Wow..... thats asking a lot to say the least Sure, you could make one of the windows (Ig or GE) semi transparent, but I can not even begin how hard it would be to line them up perfectly with each other!
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      well i figured if you match the zoom levels you would be ok. i know in the rrearth plugin, there is control of zoom level based on speed. so instead of that, you just match the zoom level to iguidance, or just necessitate running IG and GE at a certain zoom level and not change them.

      for the issue of centering, IG always centers at a certain location, and GE always centers around the KML link, so maybe you could figure out some way to line them up.

      who knows...