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  • Old RRConfig.exe

    Anyone still have older RRConfig.exe (Not Blue's version) and able to send it to me? I don't see it in the zip available on Guino's site either.
    I love new one but for some reason if I use it on my carpc RR will not return from hibernation correctly. Locks up a lot. As soon as I delete rr.ini and re-do it with old RRConfig everything goes back to normal.

    Anyway if anyone has a copy would you please forward it to: jay [at]

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    it should be in the older version packages of RR -- available in Blue's museum of RR versions -- click on his sig.
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      Thanks. Did not see that in his signature.


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        If you do a little research and figure out what is causing the prob, post it in the config thread as I am finishing my media plugin and will be getting out another config update..
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          My apologies to Blue. It ended not being his config.
          Traced the problem to RR hibernate command. Guino, what are you using to set hibernation state? If I hibernate from a skin it will not boot back OK. If I push the power button or run "rundll32 powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState" everything goes OK.
          Any insight?