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SendKey to AutoHotKey from RoadRunner

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  • SendKey to AutoHotKey from RoadRunner


    I am trying to send keys from Road Runner to AutoHotKey, but i can't make it work.

    For testing i am using Notepad as target. I can send keys to it while the window is maximized in the background, but if it is minimized, it does no get keys.

    So i think that the problem with AutoHotKey is the same, i can not send keys to a minimized window (AutoHotKey works minimized in the icon tray)

    What am doing wrong?

    This is my comand:

    "RADIO","ACTIVATE;Sin título - Bloc de notas||SENDKEY;{1}||ACTIVATE;Road Runner"

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    Only windows that are OPEN and ON FOCUS can receive keys.. so you're out of luck on that approach but I would suggest looking to see if Autohotkey has some sort of command line parameter or if there's a command line application made to control it somehow, and then instead of using sendkeys you could use the RUN command to set/unset whatever in it. I'm unsure what you need Autohotkeys for, but a free program called Girder may do the trick for whatever it is -- and that one does have a command line parameter tool.
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