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Gesture based bug recorder/tracker

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  • Gesture based bug recorder/tracker

    This idea just popped into my head, so I thought Id post it and get some feedback.

    Making a gesture triggered 'bug tracker' which records ~5seconds of RR debug.txt and then lets the user name that snippet via the OSK.

    eg: User presses PLAYLIST on Skin xyz and instead the NAV comes up.
    Realising that this is a bug, the user goes back to the previous screen and draws the gesture. <recorder starts logging keypresses and debug.txt info> They then press the PLAYLIST button and up comes NAV. when the timer stop, the bug tracker asks for a Title/comment which the user enters to remind them of the bug details. And they can then send the bug report to the author when they get home.

    This could help skinners track bugs in their skins in a more efficient way. Also helps preventing people from forgetting about found bugs.

    I suggested gesture based because it can be invoke from anywhere - no buttons needed.


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    This is an interesting idea all right...
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      Someone's thinking outside the box...
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