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Weird weather problem

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  • Weird weather problem

    All aspects of weather work fine on my desktop pc (vista). On my tablet PC (win2k) most of the maps work, but for some reason the 1 day and 5 day forecasts are blank. The labels are there but no data. I am currently using Digital FX 2.0 but I get the same problems with the 1 and 5 day forecasts in other skins with weather. Any ideas????

    Oh, and I have the latest version on both PC's and I uninstalled and reinstalled on both as well.

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    Yes, and none of the 5 cities along the top work either on my tablet. Just labels and blank fields.

    That brings up another weird problem... on my Desktop PC it shows the name of my "home town" as New Philadelphia, PA. Apparently, there is a small town in central PA called "New Philadelphia" and that is what the skin is pulling weather for....

    It seems like the city in RR.ini is meaningless in Digital FX anyway. The buttons across the top seem to do a "search" on Then the search results are returned as an xml file that gets stored in RR as mywsearch.xml. The contents are as follows:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
    - <!-- This document is intended only for use by authorized licensees of The Weather Channel. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Copyright 1995-2005, The Weather Channel Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    - <search ver="2.0">
    <loc id="USPA1173" type="1">New Philadelphia, PA</loc>
    <loc id="USPA1276" type="1">Philadelphia, PA</loc>
    <loc id="USPA1277" type="1">Philadelphia/Northeast Philadelphia Arpt, PA</loc>

    It seems like RR is choosing option 1 which is incorrect, and then pulling the data for that town which is then stored as myweather.xml and pulled into RR.

    I don't know enough about how this works to correct it though....


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      Simple question, do you have the "weather" folder in place ? and if you have the high-quality images, do you have fastmode=-1 in RR.INI ?
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        Yes. Weather folder is in the Road Runner directory. Fastmode=-1 in rr.ini. Images are all there...but there is a weird problem. If I open the weather folder on my tablet, it will not display thumbnails of ANY of the gifs. I also cannot preview most of them in MS paint, IE or the other imaging program on my PC. The only program that will let me view the weather gifs is Firefox. I either get little red X's in IE or "invalid file format" in other programs. The only gifs that I can view on the Tablet are the mighttime gifs with the moon. Any of the "daytime" gifs error out. VERY ODD. I tried copying the files directly from my desktop PC and the results were all the same. If I look at the properties of the images on my tablet, and go to "summary", windows seems to recognize file format of the nighttime ones as GIF (graphic interchange format) and the daytime ones as Portable Networks Graphics (PNG) despite all files having the gif extension. My desktop running Vista shows them all as GIF file types.

        I wonder if there is some odd incompatibility with these gifs and Win2K though I find that difficult to understand how....

        The issue with the cities seems like it is is probably skin specific so I'll try to get someone to help me in the skins section.


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          this is because the weather "gif's" are not gif's at all, they are PNG's renamed to .gif. The weather code in rr is hard coded to look for .gif images, so this has to be done. RR is smart enough to figure out that they are actually png's and loads them correctly. Many photo editors do not do this (Photoshop for example). To view or edit one of the images, you have to rename it back to .png then load it to view/edit them.
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            So what does all this mean? Why is RR not displaying my weather?


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                I don't know if my issue is related but i'm having roughly the same problem,xml's update but i get no info in the weather skin.
                The weather images are present in my RR folder as are the xml's and i have selected my city in RR.ini.

                I'm running the 21.09.2007 exe and using Freedom 2.1 skin,i've never had this issue before,its always just worked but lately nothing.
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                  Same issue here

                  I can see the maps, but not the 1-day or 5-day weather. I run the newest RR and DFX 2.5. I have the city in the RR.ini set correctly

                  I have tried these combos of names for the city

                  Denver, CO
                  Denver, Colorado

                  When I reload, the weather maps are correct, so I can see temps, radar, etc. but nothing else

                  Anyone who can help?


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                    Got it to work - with a little effort


                    After a little struggling, I got it to work. I deleted all of my skins and RR, ran Crap Cleaner, and a registry cleaner, then restarted the computer. I installed RR, overwrote with the latest binary download, and ran the configuration utility and set it up. Then, I installed ONLY DFX 2.5 and it seems to work.

                    Perhaps another skin was interfering, as I had quite a few installed, though I only use Digital FX, or else I had some problem with different versions of RR installed

                    I also set restore points, so I will continue to add skins and see which one may break it ...

                    Good Luck and it seems like it will be a nice day in Colorful Colorado today


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                      Glad to hear you got it working. The 5 buttons at the top are definable, and do not need to be changed in the ini. Just press and hold, and the OSK will show up. Type the name of the city you want, and it will then be stored for that button.

                      BTW using just "Denver" works, and the ,CO is not needed for that particular city. The way the XML is created, is RR code, and has nothing to do with the skin being used. For instance here, I have to use Miami, FL. If I put just Miami, it brings up "Miami, AZ" (Who knew there was a Miami, AZ?)
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