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Embedding of PC NAvigator 7 in RR

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  • Embedding of PC NAvigator 7 in RR

    Hi all, and a happy new year.

    I've a very annoying problem regarding getting my PC Navigator 7 (Ver. to work properly in RR.

    I use Freedom Ultimate skin

    I've tried two different embedding solutions. The first solution is embedding PC Navigator in using the following in rr.ini:
    gpspath=C:\Program Files\Navigator7\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe

    When doing this, PCnav gets embedded in RR where i want it to be (have defined A and C area in

    The problem occours when I leave the GPS skin (PCnav keeps running, I'm not ending pcnav) and go back to main screen. If I re-enter GPS screen again, PCnav isn't showing anymore(I can se PCnav in taskbar and in the list of running processes). If I click PCNav in the task bar it becomes visible again and everything works fine. From now on I can leave and re-enter GPS screen as many times as I want and PCnav gets embeddeded properly.(but only after I've clicked once on pcnav in taskbar)

    For some reason I must click on Navigator taskbaritem when I re-enter GPS screen for getting pcnav to show in RR. When this is done once it works fine until next time I have to restart RR.

    I've also tried embedding PCnav on my own skin (also having a A and C tag), but with the same result.

    I've also tried adding a ||WAIT;1||ACTIVATE;Navigator to my call to GPS screen. If I do so, I can see that the Navigator taskbaritem is selected after 1 second, but PCnav application is still hidden. If i click on Navigator taskbaritem, pcnav is shown.

    I've attached 2 images showing RR the first time i enter GPS screen and the second time I enter GPS screen. Please notice that Navigator is present in the taskbar on both images

    To me it seems like PCnav has a problem, it's not RR since I can embed other applications

    Anyone else having the same problem ?

    Thank you
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    Check the following :-

    especially post 23

    Dopehead, a compatriot of yours, has written a description of how to embed Nav 7 in RR.
    It might help with your problem


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      Thanks for your input.

      I know of the thread you are refering to and have done as expained, but the problem is still there.

      But, I've found some ways to solve the issue.

      I've written a small app, which gets fired every time I select GPS screen in RR. This app, will go through every item in the taskbar. If pcnav (Navigator in taskbar) is found, it will click on the taskbaritem. This makes pcnav act as it's supposed to and be visible in RR also the second time GPS screen is selected.

      Another way around the problem is to click on the screen in the area where pcnavn should have been embedded. This will also bring up pcnavn the second time you are in the GPS screen.

      Thanks for your input



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        I'm not sure why it is not working for you, i haven't changed my own setup yet from the one where i use my own application to start pcnav to the one where its just an external gps definition in RR, so it might not work the same way, maybe you should try to test in fullscreen RR also, and not have so many apps open, this can sometime screw up the focus of an application.
        Not doing carpc anymore