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  • CDRIP Problem

    I am working on getting my carputer setup but I'm having an issue with CDRIP

    I installed it with presetup.bat and tested it with an IDE CDRom that I have. It detected the CDRom in the cdripcls.ini and worked perfectly. Then I switched to the USB DVDRW that I will be using in the car and it doesn't work. The DVDRW doesn't show up in cdripcls.ini and if I delete the ini file it is NOT recreated when I restart cdrip (If I switch back to the IDE CDRom it is created immediately on starting the program and the IDE CDRom is added).

    The USB DVD Drive I am using is a Pioneer DVR-K05 enclosed in a mo-co-so USB Enclosure.

    I have tried everything I can think of (I am a PC Technician so I've tried all the common things)

    The DVR-K05 works fine with audiograbber in ASPI mode and the DVR-K05 is supposed to be fully ASPI compliant.

    I have tried manually editing the cdripcls.ini file using the hardware id in device manager but nothing. I have been through all the FAQS as well as searching the site and looking at EVERY post with either CDRIP or cdripcls.ini in it.

    I really don't know what else to do. If you have any ideas I'd really appreciate it.



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    I do know that the CDRIP plugin is like very old and hasn't been updated in a long time.
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      Are there any alternatives that have been integrated into RR?


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        I have seen the CD-RIP not like USB drives in the past -- normally this is some sort of ASPI issue though... if you're saying the same hardware setup works on audiograbber (in aspi mode -- not in analog), then it should work virtually the same way in the CDRIP.
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          Yeah, I checked the mode in audiograbber and it works perfectly. Any one have any other ideas?