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  • Feature Request(s) / How Do You Do This?!

    ok, i think ive asked this question or at least pleaded for this in a few other threads:

    1) BYVAR support in sliders! i wrote like 5 pages of code to accomplish this when this would have made my life much simpler


    2) fix the custom variable sliders do not update problem! sonicxtasy knows about this problem too.


    3) this one is new: i have one slider which alternates between "VIDEOPOS" and "SONGPOS". solution number one would fix this, or number two and this request would. this is a request for a SEEKTO command based on a percent. i know there is a SEEK command, but i have no way of knowing how many seconds to SEEK to unless i know how many seconds are in the whole song or this feature request is fulfilled. this or a label which displays total track time in seconds could be used with some calculations to then use the SEEK command.

    solution number one is ideal, any other ideas are welcome!

    EDIT: sorry to make two threads back to back, but they are on very different topics, which i think are both very important

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      Um.. yea,.. huh?
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        Originally posted by Custommx3 View Post
        Um.. yea,.. huh?
        on my, i have a slider that controls the current position of whats playing, whether it be music or video.

        however, music requires the code to be SONGPOS, and a video requires the code to be VIDEOPOS. to accomplish this normally (in a label, indicator, button, etc.) one would simply set up a variable to equal 0 when coming from the audio screen and 1 when coming from the video screen

        IF this worked, i could simply put BYVAR;nameofvariable;SONGPOS<<VIDEOPOS as my command for the slider

        BUT IT DOESNT WORK! and it SHOULD!


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          I have another feature request lol:

          can i have a label for the file size of what is selected in a directory list?


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            hi, question for all, how do i make my custom list transparent? if i put FALSE in for the 'trs' in the SC (custom list), my list completely disappears.