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many road runner problems

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  • many road runner problems

    hello all, i am new to this whole carpc thing, but i finally ordered all my parts and im trying to get all the software straight.
    Here are the general specs

    Road Runner(latest version)
    IGuidance v4.0

    my problem(s) are:
    whenever i start RRMobile i get this error message:
    "Check is the phone is properly activated and connected and/or the configuration files are correctly edited."
    what does this mean and has anyone had this problem before?

    the second problem is with powerDVD, when i click the DVD icon, and i have a disk in there, it goes and opens powerDVD, i can hear the sound but the screen is just a blank blue. i know it isnt the codec because if i run powerdvd independently i can see the video and hear the sound.

    also, i had a previous version of road runner, and the applications worked there, however now i cant seem to get any of my applications to show up when i click the APPS button(this is the latest version)... the only reason i want this is so i can embed my touch-screen monitor calibration program into RR

    any help is appreciated, thanks everyone!
    EDIT: i would just like to add that i tried doing searches but couldnt find anything directly addressing my problems, if someone is better at searching than I, please feel free to post a link

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    Can't comment on everything, BUT.....
    It's best to use the automatic install on the latest version...some dll's have to be registered (like winamp FI) will have to do this manually otherwise.

    Is it really worth trying to embed your TS callibration ?? It's used so infreqently, unless your TS controller is stuffed, and it will use some of your valuable resources.
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      what version of PowerDVD. i believe you should be using 6. nothing higher
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        RRMobile never worked really well. That's why most people use PhoneControl or FreeFone.


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          i did use the automatic install... i figured the newest version had all the quirks to it

          and for the TS, its because i will be booting right into road runner/shelling windows XP, so if i ever need it id like it to be there, i will check on the version of powerdvd, thanks!

          edit: where can i get FreeFone?